Should I ever poison a rodent?

Rodents are mammals with long front teeth that allow them to chew threw objects such as electrical wiring, wood, paper and even dry wall. These creatures are a hazard to your home and they also carry a plethora of diseases as they crawl through sewerage and garbage in search of food. Poison when ingested, is harmful to all creatures, including humans. It causes the victim to asphyxiate, eventually leading to death, which is an inhumane way to die. There are a couple methods you can use to get rid of rodents, but poison should not be an option.

While it can kill a rodent, it can cause serious dangerous consequences. Rodents hide out in dark corners and small holes and crevices for their own safety. When poison is ingested, there is no way of knowing whether they died inside or outside the area you poisoned. Chances are that you may never find it. The rodent can leave traces of the poison in their trail and no one will be the wiser, enabling humans and other animals to be in contact with the poison. The dead carcass may rot away causing an awful stench and attract other creatures such as flies. The flies would multiple in droves and keep on spawning, causing an even more permanent problem.

Another reason why you should never use poison would be that you may cause death to other animals. If there are pets around, they would easily find the dead carcass and poison would be transferred to them as they chew or hold the poisoned carcass in their mouth. They may even ingest the poison meant for the rodent by accident. You and your kids may play with these pets, not knowing that they have been in contact with the poison, causing additional harm.

Other animals such as foxes, coyotes, birds etc. may find these dead poisoned carcasses, ingest it as food and end up dying themselves or carry the poison in their system. Humans may then hunt these creatures for food, ingest it and carry the poison in their liver unknowingly. The toxins we meant to harm the rodent with, would then be inside our very own bodies, causing health risks later in life.

Some poisons may not fully kill a rodent and their tolerance level to it, increases. They would continue to procreate and their spawn would eventually be immune to the poison. Manufacturers would then use stronger and stronger chemicals to get rid of the rodents which would become lethal to humans over time.

Poison is not only an inhumane way to die, it is harmful to pets, animals of prey and humans, especially children. The more conventional way to get rid of a rodent is by using traps that can kill them in one strike. However, rodents are important for our eco-system and rather than killing them off, it is better to secure your home to prevent them from living and nesting.

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